Make Clogged Drains Go With the Flow

Schedule clogged drain repair services

Everyone gets a clogged drain now and then. If you've tried all of your go-to DIY fixes to no avail, then it may be time to call Rooter ProXpress. We bring over 75 years of combined plumbing experience to each job and use the latest technology to find clogs, so you can trust us to get your drains flowing properly again in no time. Allow our team to fix your drainage problem today.

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Don't ignore the dangers of clogged drains

You don't want to wait to handle a clogged drain. Leaving a blockage unattended can make you vulnerable to...

Odors. When your water can't drain properly, the bad odors in your drain don't get flushed away and won't be eliminated by simple air fresheners.
Leaks. If your water can't flow through the intended pipe because of a blockage, it'll find somewhere else to come through.
Health risks. Whether your water quality is affected or bacteria grows around the blockage, you could see a negative impact on your health.

You don't want a small drain clog to spiral into a big problem. Call 770-765-1414 now to arrange for an on-site estimate.