Recently I had to stay with a family member in Alpharetta. It was under difficult circumstances. To make matters worse we had a bad issue with the water heater. Since I'm not from the area and needed help ASAP, I turned to google. I called this company and spoke with a sweet woman who was compassionate towards my situations, (I was on the verge of a meltdown). The plumber arrived quicker than I anticipated. I believe his name was Euri. I didn't have to ask him to remove his shoes because he had booties to put over his boots! He also had his mask on and sanitizer on a keychain. We were thrilled about these things. He was able to resolve the water heater issue that same day.(Which I wasn't sure if it would be possible.) I will be saving the contact info for the next time I'm in the area....just in case. Thanks!

Lea R.


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